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Imginn: Anonymous instagram stories viewer and downloader

What is Imginn?

imginn is the website that Instagram users use to save things like stories, posts, videos, photos, and text. These changes make it simple to see and save Instagram photos and videos without the Instagram app.It is simple to use this app, which lets people look for specific Instagram accounts or posts, then view and save them.  Keep in mind, though, that ImgInn is a third-party service, so be careful about what information you give them or how you deal with the site.

How Does Imginn Work?

This software simplifies Instagram media downloads and storage. Instagram is free. Imginn sees many forms of stuff. Also, it learns from visual media. Time, place, and history are considerations. You may use it to locate trending Instagram posts or map your Instagram photographs and videos.

An Instagram login is required to use the app. After logging in, select photos or movies to download. Click “Download Now” after that. The program will download and analyze the photos or videos. After downloading, you can view or save the files.

Why Use Imginn?


I recommend downloading Instagram photos and videos with Imagine. No need to capture photos or videos. With the app, you can rapidly find information. There are few basic steps.

Save Your Favorite Content

What if you found a beautiful picture or an interesting Instagram story? With the app, you can remember these times and go back to them at any time. That’s how it feels to hold your own collection of Instagram posts.

Offline Access

Are you going on a trip where you might not be able to get online? Imaging lets you save Instagram posts to your phone so that you can see them even when you’re not online.

Sharing Content

Through the app, you can send things to family and friends. It’s now simple to send fun Instagram posts to family and friends.

No Watermarks

Like some other content downloaders, this one makes sure that the content you save doesn’t have any watermarks on it. That is, you can enjoy the content just the way it is, without any extra promotion.

How to Use Imginn

This application is a great way to back up Instagram content to your computer. It’s a completely free and quick option. Your digital media can be safely stored and organized with the help of this program. You can buy them as presents or treat yourself.

To use the app:

1. Open the page at

2. Log into your account.

3. Pick out the pictures and movies you wish to keep.

4. Type “Download” into the box.

5. You can put movies and photos on your phone or computer.

6. If you have photos and movies on your computer or phone, you can share them online, make a picture book, or give them to other people.

7. You can keep the pictures and movies safe by giving them a password.

8. Enjoy your movies and pictures!

Some helpful tips for using the app:

1. Keep your photos and videos safe:

 Put them in order and use a password to keep other people from seeing them.

2. Share your photos and videos with friends: 

You can easily share them on social networks or add a link to them in an email with this app.

3. Use the app for creative projects: 

The app lets you make a movie, a video collage, or a picture book.

4. Stay up-to-date: 

Remember to keep your movies and photos up to date with the changes you’ve made to your account.

5. See your photos and videos in a new way: 

Imaginn organizes them by time, place, and other specific factors, giving you a unique way to see them.

6. Try other features: 

Check out Imginn’s other features, like the ones that let you protect your account with a password, leave comments on pictures and videos, and more.

How to Download Instagram Videos?

  • You can get the video you want to download on your device with this Instagram video file tool.
  • As a web-based tool, the app lets users see other Instagram users’ profiles and see public material without being identified.
  • The users will never find out who looked at their picture and downloaded it.
  • You can look at the profiles of famous Instagram users without logging into your own account with the free Imagine tool.
  • The fast tool also saves you time when you’re viewing public content and downloading content that isn’t blocked.

Step-by-step Guide to Downloading Instagram Videos

  • Look for the search bar on the page. Type in the user’s personal name and press the “Search” button.
  • The tool will look for profiles that match your keywords and show you a list of profiles that are similar. 
  • To open the profile page for that person, find their profile and click on it.
  • The Imginn downloading app now reveals its Instagram-like grid structure. There’s tons of fresh media like videos and photos. The image can be downloaded in full resolution by clicking on it.
  • A download button is at the bottom of the movie. Click “Download” to begin. Downloading may take longer depending on file size. Be patient till the download finishes. 
  • Once the download is done, the file will be on your computer.

How to save IG profile Pictures?

This makes saving IG photos on any device easy. Focus on the words.

  • Visit the Imginn site.
  • Look for the profiles of the friends whose profile photos you want to save.
  • Right-click on the personal picture on the page where you are and select “Copy Image Location.”
  • You have now chosen the image source link. Click on the link to open it in a new tab, and then look in the URL for the “150×150” size code. Get rid of the numbers and press “Enter.”
  • The IG picture will now show up on the screen without being resized.
  • This is how you save any other web picture: right-click on the picture and choose “Save As.” 
  • You’re done.

Download hashtag-free posts and images.

  • It’s easy to get posts and pictures from the app that don’t have hashtags.
  • You can then look for the accounts of the influencers to find the pictures you want to download.
  • Users don’t always use hashtags, so the app’s automatic tools let you find those pictures by searching through profiles. 
  • You just need to find the profile and go to the page with the stories.
  • Then, go to the part called “Tags” to see all of the tags.
  • After that, click on the link for the tag to see all the pictures that have that tag. You can now pick the picture you want to download. 

Online Tool Package Information

Application NameImaginn
File SizeOnline Tool
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsChrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.
Supported VersionThe latest version of Chrome
CategoryDownloader Tool

Features of imginn

Fast Downloads

Most users recognize the app for its rapid downloads. You’ll get what you desire quickly.

No Registration Required

You don’t have to sign up or log in to use the app before you can start using it. The service is easy to use.

User-Friendly Interface

The app’s design is basic and easy to use for all ability levels.

Safe and Secure

The app really wants to keep you safe and alone. The fact that your data is safe means you can use it without worry.


The app works with many devices and websites, so all users will have a smooth experience.

Is Imginn Legal?

The app regards Instagram users’ privacy and rights. Downloading files for personal use doesn’t encourage copyright infringement. The app should be used responsibly and respect the rights of content creators.

Advantages and Disadvantages



  • User-friendly Interface and Easy to Navigate: IMGinn’s design is simple and easy to use, making it simple for people to find and access Instagram material. The platform shouldn’t be hard to get around in.
  • Convenient Platform for Instagram Downloads: The app makes downloading Instagram photos and videos easy. You may use the app without visiting other sites or apps.
  • Instant Access to Public Instagram Content: You can quickly see public posts from many Instagram users with the app. There will be a lot of interesting images for you to look at.
  • No Sign-Up or Waiting Required: You don’t have to sign up for the app or wait for files to start. You don’t have to wait to get the information you want.


  • Security Risks as a Third-Party Service: There are some security risks with the app because it is a third-party business. Be careful about giving out personal information or connecting your Instagram account to the site.
  • Intrusive Online Ads: Online ads help the app stay in business, but they can get in the way and make your experience less enjoyable. You should expect to see ads while you use the app.
  • Limited Support for Certain Instagram Features: Not all Instagram features, like loops, may work with the app. This means that you might not be able to download certain parts.
  • Dependence on External Websites for Ad Content: the app gets its ads from other websites. This dependence can sometimes make things stop working or lower the quality of the ads you see.

What Are the Best Imginn Alternatives?

Let’s look at some options to Imginn now:


Imagine a future where Instagram profiles, photos, videos, and stories are easy to view and download. Your Ignony! Like an Instagram Swiss army knife, it does everything.


Instantavigation simplifies Instagram navigation like never before. This Instagram GPS helps you find profiles and posts without getting lost in the enormous universe.


Do you like Instagram Stories? StoriesIg is the place to be. It’s like a treasure chest full of Stories just ready to be found. It’s easy to read and save stories from your best accounts.


We’ve got your back when it comes to Instagram pictures. It’s like having your own photo album, and it’s easy to watch and download high-quality photos from Instagram.


Find the finest Instagram video or reel? Pickuki is your accomplice. It’s like a video library—easy to browse and download movies and Reels.

These other options besides Imginn each have their own tastes. This means you can choose the one that best fits your style and start discovering Instagram material in a whole new way!


There are good and bad things about using ImgInn to get Instagram shots. The tool is easier to use because it has a simple interface. Members of the public can see photos and movies on Facebook without leaving the site.

Remember that there are risks that could happen when you use ImgInn and other services like it. When you use this app or website, be careful to keep your information safe. The last step is to think about the good and bad points. Think about what they like and how worried they are about online safety when you make your choice.

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